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Appricot Memory Trainer

Appricot Memory Trainer

Appricot Memory TrainerDescription
PIN, PUK and Password: How to memorize - even if it's not 1234?

There are always a lot of numbers to remember. Constantly new secret numeric codes, credit card PINs, computer passwords, phone numbers, birthday dates and many more. But don't worry, with the Appricot memory Trainer you can train your numbers memory in a simple and basic way and very effectively.

Our memory has a hard time retaining numbers. Numbers are abstract and our brain stores images much more easily than number sequences. The brain's number storage capacity even deteriorates by delegating the memory function of the brain almost exclusively to iPhones and computers like we all do in these modern times. But of course this dwindling spiral can be reversed by training.

That's where the training system of the Appricot Memory Trainer comes into play. Here you can associate every number 0 - 9 with an image of your choice which makes it much easier for our brain to memorize the information.

As you advance through the training and achieve certain levels new training features become accessible.

The app consists of 2 Modules. In Module 1 numbers are displayed as a series of single digit figures.
There you also have additional display options. Audio and - as mentioned - the figures associated with a custom image. This feature and how you can apply it is explained in detail in the tutorial.

In Module 2 the whole number is displayed at once for a few seconds. You have to clear Module 1 up to Level 15 to get access to Module 2.

All in all there are 30 Levels in Module 1 and 30 in Module 2. You will realize that it requires a fair amount of regular training to even make it past Level 20. And if you reach Level 30 you will have become a memory wiz.

Have fun with the Appricot memory Trainer

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By Taher Stenberg

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About NicoBloc 

NicoBloc is a colored fluid that has the purpose of helping smokers quit smoking. The product is applied to the filter of the cigarettes immediately before smoking. Typically you use the product over a six-week period to prepare you to quit smoking by reducing gradually your nicotine intake to allow your body to adjust gently to physical changes that occur during the drug withdrawal. 

NicoBloc prepares you physically and mentally and allows the smoker to comfortably stop smoking by gradually reducing nicotine.
The NicoBloc solution is not taken orally but is put on the filter of the cigarette without significantly changing its taste. Because of this, it does not have any counter-indications or interfere with any medication, so it can be used by anyone, including pregnant women.

You keep smoking but slowly reduce your tobacco consumption until you stop entirely.

There are no withdrawal symptoms, as NicoBloc helps your body adapt gradually to the reduction of nicotine levels at the same time as the number of cigarettes smoked is also being reduced.

NicoBloc blocks the ingestion of nicotine and harmful tar, which causes cancer, by up to 99%.

It does not have any counter-indications or produce undesired effects.
For more information about the product please visit


•The user registers to app with current number of smokes and desire number of smokes with default six-weeks quit time.
•The application assist the smoker with keeping track of number of cigarettes smoked per day, how many drops of Nicobloc has been applied per cigarette and shows the smoker the decrease in tar and nicotine that he/she is subjected to, in a user friendly graph format.
•Plotted graph shows number of cigarette smoked per day, number of NicoBloc drops used and ideal curve starting from registration date to end date with registered current smokes and desired smokes.
•The app also shows randomly encouraging messages to the user
•An easy and user friendly interface designed
•Optimized for both mobiles and tablets.

App Development by ManagoLabs
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